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Founded 9 years ago, Elife is one of the best in developing software solutions for various industries and destinations in Ukraine. Our accumulated experience and our own innovative technologies allow our company to successfully perform all turnkey operations - from immersing ourselves in the client's ...
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Healthcare Solutions
Electronic Registry Cryptos Gate Plus Telehealth Pharmacosolutions MEDEIR
Functional composition
  • Planning and management of admission to the hospital
  • Planning and managing appointment records at the Call Center
  • Portal Electronic registration
  • Subsystem of integration with MIS
  • Statistical reporting
  • Administration and configuration
  • Cryptographic protection of information and EDS
Purpose of the product

Information system "Electronic Registry" is a unique solution, it increases the availability and quality of medical services for the population. The system can include all the medical institutions of the city, region and country. With the help of the data center, an electronic record is maintained, both by phone and through a dedicated Internet portal to all medical specialists.

The operator who receives the call provides up-to-date information on the availability of free space at the doctor, or offers an alternative, another specialist or a medical institution.

Functional composition
  • Generating key data and random binary sequences
  • Data encryption
  • Formation and verification of electronic digital signature
  • Distribution of key data
  • Managing key data and public key certificates
Purpose of the product

The software "Cryptos Gate Plus" implements national cryptographic algorithms and protocols and is designed to generate random sequences and key data, encryption and hashing of data, generation and verification of electronic digital signature and key distribution.

Functional composition
  • Registration of application for consultation
  • Registration of the consultation
  • Recording to the necessary consultant
  • Receiving on-line consultation in the form of an answer to the question posed through text messages
  • Receiving on-line consultation through video broadcast
  • Transmission of electronic medical records
  • Signing electronic medical records with EDS
  • Collection of functional indicators of different patients from different regions
  • Analysis of the functional indicators in the advisory center
Purpose of the product

Information system "Telehealth" is designed to automate the business processes of telemedicine services, which allows using the advantages of information technologies for efficiently solving accepted tasks and creating a single information space for the use and exchange of data between patients and doctors.

The "Telehealth" information system is an effective means of increasing knowledge, accumulating experience and developing technologies in the field of medicine. In areas where the distance between the patient and the doctor is often measured in hundreds of kilometers, the "Telehealth" information system allows access to a full range of health services. The creation of peripheral access points will allow the most effective and economical use of the intellectual potential of medical institutions of the region (country), expensive medical equipment, concentrated in regional and departmental medical centers.

Functional composition
  • Maintenance of the register of applications for registration, re-registration or applications for changes in the registration data of the drug
  • Fixing of comments to the applicant's applications, the applicant's answers and additional materials provided
  • Binding of applications to contracts, payments of the applicant and other entities of the system
  • Forming a package of applications from a group of applications for a single drug
  • Maintenance of a separate register of instructions and brief characteristics of preparations
  • Formation of a single register of drug registration certificates
  • Using special Wizards with prompts for quick creation of applications with filling out only key information
Purpose of the product

The main purpose of the product is to automate and increase the effectiveness of the processes associated with the registration of medicines, namely the processes of registration, re-registration, modification of registration materials, examination and examination of clinical trial materials, clinical audits, pharmacovigilance and other processes associated with the registration of processes.

Functional composition
  • Forming schedules for doctors and classrooms
  • Patient registration
  • Registration at reception
  • Accounting for citizens' applications for medical assistance
  • Maintenance of an outpatient card of the patient (diagnosis in consultation with ICD-10)
  • Registration of medicinal purposes
  • Review of research results, consultations
Purpose of the product

Medical information system "MedEir" is a universal solution for automating the activities of medical and preventive institutions of various profiles and structures. The purpose of implementing the information system is to streamline and automate the collection and processing of medical and administrative information in health care institutions.
The main purpose of IIE MedEir is to organize effective work and management in healthcare institutions on the basis of information support of the main processes such as patient registration and registration, their treatment, laboratory research, inventory management, reporting and others.

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In our company, experts work It market. Highly qualified specialists of the technical branch work with us.
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We offer reliable software solutions for complete control in healthcare:
  • Improving the efficiency of medical personnel
  • Electronic Registry
  • Automating Data Collection and Processing
  • Data Encryption
  • Automating Business Processes
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You leave a request on the site.
The customer service specialist specifies the details of your project.
We draw up a preliminary project plan.
Information and technical integration of a global solution in your company.
Development of software or use of existing software, based on your needs.
Approval of the project plan. Signing of the contract, prepayment.
Training of employees of your company. Test integration period.
Signing of the act on delivery of works on system integration.
You automate processes and take advantage of all the benefits of system integration.